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This course introduces GravityFit, a research-based therapeutic exercise model developed from Space Science which incorporates new exercise tools and whole body training programs designed to address the health problems prevalent in our society caused by reducing the sensory effect of Gravity.

The GravityFit system was developed by Carolyn Richardson PhD, an acclaimed PT educator with 30 years of research experience, including being a former international consultant and lead researcher on gravitational physiology with the European Space Agency. The course provides the practitioner with the principles and tools to target and resolve muscle imbalances caused by the deterioration in muscle, bone and joint health as a result of modern lifestyles and sports training methods.

The course explains how the Anti-Gravity Body Framework properly supports and protects the joints of the body from injury and how axial spinal stability and strength can be developed. Specifically, the course covers:

(1)How a strong spine requires three natural curves held firm by deep anti-gravity postural muscle tone, to withstand the downward compressive force of Gravity,

(2)How the three Anti-Gravity Kinetic Chains (the spinal, upper limb and lower limb AKCs) are connected through three Spinal Muscle Corsets (cervical, thoracic and lumbar corsets) to form the whole body Anti-Gravity framework, and

(3)How this framework, when properly working, protects the joints of the body from injury, maintains muscle balances and forms an anchor for more effective whole body function and movement.

Armed with the above evidence-supported knowledge, participants will learn how axial spinal stability and core body strength can be optimised using sensory feedback techniques, GravityFit tools and exercise programs to activate the three Spinal Muscle Corsets, secure the connections to the head and limbs and strengthen the Anti-Gravity Framework.

This course presents a unique research-based therapeutic exercise model for the clinician who wants the most up to date tools and model of whole body stability for patients whether they be elderly or elite athletes. The course includes an online theory component and a one day practical component on using the GravityFit exercise tools and methodology for assessment and exercise progression that can be incorporated into existing practices and programs. Clinicians and patients alike will benefit from the revolutionary GravityFit system of therapeutic exercise.

On completion of this Level 1 course, participants are eligible to obtain a 12 month subscription to over 50 online instructional videos, may progress to any of the advanced Accreditation Courses, and can access wholesale pricing for GravityFit exercise tools.

Whole Body Stability for Whole Body Function

Course Objectives:

By completing this course the participant will:

1.Understand the GravityFit Exercise Model, which is evidence based practice using space research
2.Learn how the spine gets its strength by having 3 natural curves, controlled by separate sets of Anti-Gravity Postural muscles forming three Spinal Muscle Corsets
3.Learn how the new exercise model explains and guides the process of optimising the function and strength of the Anti-Gravity Body Framework by gradually increasing the sensory effect of Gravity on the body
4.Develop an understanding of why and how the exercise loads under this new model are progressed with both traditional Biomechanical Exercise Loads and, most importantly, by increasing Sensory Exercise Loads
5.Learn how to use, through many practical sessions, the new GravityFit Exercise Tools for ‘postural setting’ and activating the Anti-Gravity Postural muscles, to develop axial spinal stability and optimise the Anti-Gravity Body Framework
6.Understand how the principles of the GravityFit Exercise Model and the new GravityFit Exercise Tools can enhance the safe and effective use of Whole Body Vibration
7.Learn to FEEL, through many practical sessions, the activation of the Anti-Gravity Body Framework during whole body exercise and FEEL the development of strength from within.

Level 1 Course Overview

The GravityFit Model for Axial Spinal Strength

A New Therapeutic Exercise Model developed from Space Science


Prior to the one day Practical Course, participants need to watch the on line VIDEO of lectures by Carolyn Richardson PhD to cover the theory (non-practical) course components. This will be viewed with reference to a copy of the Course manual made available prior to the course.

On line VIDEO of lectures by Carolyn Richardson PhD with reference to following sections of the manual


SECTION 1. Building Axial Spinal Stability and Strength

SECTION 2. An introduction to Gravitational science


SECTION 3. The Anti-Gravity Body Framework

SECTION 4. Developing Axial Spinal Stability with 3 GravityFit exercise tools


SECTION 5. Developing Axial Spinal Stability using Biomechanical Exercise Load

SECTION 6. Understanding the Biomechanical Load variables affecting exercise prescription to develop Axial Spinal Stability


SECTION 7. Developing Axial Spinal Stability and Strength using Sensory Exercise Load

SECTION 8. Use of Whole body Vibration with GravityFit exercise tools


Participants to bring copy of the manual which contains detailed description of the Practical sessions.

GravityFit exercise tools will be provided for use (and available for purchase) at the course.

08:00 Registration

08:30 INTRODUCTION. Overview of key elements of GravityFit Model from online video theory component of course

09:00 PRACTICAL 1. Building Axial Spinal Stability and Strength using the Gravity Cap

09:30 PRACTICAL 2. Strengthening the scapula-thoracic region with the Thoracic Pro

10:00 PRACTICAL 3. Monitoring and maintaining postural alignment during exercise using the Core Awareness Belt and Thoracic Sensa

10:30 Break

10:45 PRACTICAL 4. Spinal Postural Checks and Core Assessments in Standing

12:00 PRACTICAL 5. Using Biomechanical Exercise Load and Sensory Exercise Load to develop Axial Spinal Stability and Strength

01:00 Lunch

02.00 PRACTICAL 6. GravityFit Exercises for Basic Wellness including use of the Sensory Mat/ Whole Body Vibration and review of GravityFit Pool Program

03:30 PRACTICAL 7. GravityFit Exercises for Intermediate Wellness and Advanced Wellness including weight-bearing stretches and reviewing the online instructional videos and development of specific exercise programs.

05:00 Close

**PLEASE NOTE: This LEVEL 1 course is a pre-requisite to attend GravityFit LEVEL 2: Core Body Benchmark Assessor**[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]

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